3 Assessment Points to learn from the Past:

Past Evaluation matters:

Most of the time, we create a surmise about the past that amuses or hurts us perpetually. The real lessons that we drive from the Past protect us in several ways. The delusions kill our hope and undermine the desire to try again. Practising presentism by reminding your Past is crucial to encountering your present self. Besides, the screeching of negative thoughts runs inside the back of the head. It creates doubts that create your life no more than torment.

Photo by Ike louie Natividad from Pexels.

In this article, I share 3 Checkpoints that build up your awareness about your present life which we consider under experience command.

Let’s roll to play.

1. Failure is the natural part of life. Nothing is as good as you think or as bad as you suppose.

Sometimes, our preparation and proactive mentality put us away from the idea of failure. When we fail without any expectation, we feel intense guilt and shame.

If we create a proactive mentality about failure chances, nothing can stop us. The failure of the way turns into opportunity. You spend even less time learning from it. In other words, you find something far more crucial than sobbing over your failures. It’s the purpose or means that drives your life.

2. Practice self-forgiveness with heart.

We love to forgive others. We become very cocky about ourselves. A happy and prosperous life demands your self-forgiveness at every edge of the problem. Self Forgiveness is not about calculating or blaming others. You’ve to develop the courage to accept your cripple mentality with the heart of forgiveness. It’s like confessing your sins with a forgiving heart.

There are 3Steps that you should fulfil as a part of self-forgiveness.

1. Separate action with intention.

2. Empathize your intention.

3. Draw your best the moment lessons from failure.

Nobody has the label of perfection over his head. Those who love to progress or try innovative things in the no mercy world fail first due to inexperience.

3. Don’t silver bullet your negative thoughts with other negative thoughts.

Sometimes, we create slits into the sinister scene. The negative idea can collapse with more negative thoughts that spark an endless loop of overthinking. It’s always normal to think sometimes negatively. It’s the nature of the human mind.

The media and culture make us too much unrealistic with positive unrealistic culture.

Negative and Positive are the two parts of a balance. If you ignore the negative, you lose the positive.



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