6 Life Lessons I learnt From my Early 20s Depression

Depression teaches something for life:

source: Unsplash from @davidfanuel.

There are various things that you should understand to live a better life. Your learning should continue till death. I often stuck to my close world and involved others to infiltrate me. In the end, people put me in their flock categories and punk me for several reasons. After putting myself in the limited perception of others, I found my inner self bruise become a bleeding gash.

So, I leap of faith and follow my journey alone. In my way of building my career, I find that sentimental decisions have no worth to act. So, I share the 6 Pieces of advice that are beneficial for the rest of your life.

1. The best relationships are out of force:

Yes, you meet someone without any force. It is the start of and generation. Those who blackmail you and show your weaknesses Bite your back and show their colour in danger. I threw smiles over your emotional toils that have no worth being with you.

2. The only person that remembers your mistake wisely is you:

People have less care than you think they care about you. Nobody has time to think about you all day. On the other hand, if you analyse the other criticism. They cannot speak at your level.

You are all alone to cover or solve your problem.

3. It’s better to do something with no dream as compared to dreaming all day and doing nothing:

We love to dream and build castles in the air. It takes no energy to do that. Over dreaming can overwhelm you with reality. IF you develop a bit of courage and drip yourself in the river of the real world, you have an advantage over others. You can see the reality and try to solve it wisely.

4. Success is not as good as we suppose; failure is not bad as we fear:

Yes, success comes and goes. Likewise, frustration is temporary. We develop fantasies about them too much that we can perceive the next step.

Sometimes, our past success hampers our future achievements.

5. Don’t look for revenge. Instead, become good that you make regret:

Revenge makes you less effective. Go and be wise shocks others. Leave your enemies in a puzzle. Never unveil the purpose that turns your enemy back towards you.

6. Don’t accept others to save you:

People can out your trouble with ease. They have no interest in putting you out of danger. Instead, they may love to see you shivering with fear.

Never trust too much on others. If you fail to achieve something, go for it and move to reasonable persons.

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