A Lesson I Want To Share With My Children From My Life Experience

I learned a lot in my 20s that I want to share with my children:

Shamaz Abraham
2 min readMay 16, 2022


Life has leaps with time. There is an enormous bottomless list of hardships.

There is no absolute thing in every life span.

Things change and force us to adjust to them. My father teaches me not too many lessons about life’s hardships. What he emphasizes hits the door of my inner wisdom.

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The one-line advice that my younger child should take from me is;

‘We’re all house of flaws, boy! The best approach is to be less wrong.”

The source of this silver bullet advice is Ellon musks interview.

Why do I say this to him??

When I was a child, my life irritates by the myth of perfection. People around me said that I was enough. My mind and body always underestimate my magics. In the end, I grimaced for no reason.

I’ve got experience and perpetual failure from a single task. My guts of grit activate. My whole perception of life changed 6months after the implementation of this advice. My way judge people shift more towards values. It fires my purpose guts and blows up my Give Me More mindset.

I believe that by knowing your weak existence proactively, you’ve more courage to be with it in dark times. Besides, It lights up your savvy self. Your level of understanding about sticking with doubt boosts up.

Expecting less modifies your fret into the console. It activates the bright side of empathy, which discourages a fierce mentality.

A clear picture of the imperfect human self sparks humbleness and the value of team support inside him.

The people accept you as you accept them. Acceptance comes through understanding others’ flaws. It gives you the courage to be kind to yourself.
I learn through my experiences that choosing kindness over logic is better. Your Kindness brings the moral values that are associated with your dignity.



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